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I am so serious 我非常严肃

这些照片摄于从浙江回上海的途中,路经父母曾经插队的小镇附近,也找到了小时候曾随着父母一起居住过的旧楼房,拍了些不仅仅是风景的照片。 我也不知道我为什么给这组照片起名我非常严肃,我记得当时取景拍照的时候,同行的人一直在说,你拍照的时候怎么这么严肃......



Those photos were shot on the way back from Zhejiang to Shanghai, passing through the nearby town which my parents were arranged into rural production team to undertake agricultural work, as well as I found the old building that I used to live in, the photos were not only include the scenery . I have no idea why I named these photos as I am serious, I remembered when I shot, someone accompany with me keeps saying that why I am so serious when I took photos…I tried my best to remember those old strange details which was embedded in my childhood reticent memories.


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