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June Minor No.1



Live performances

Video production: LiangYue

Soundtracks: ManYi & LiangYue

我们拍摄了一些看起来有点神秘气息的日常事物,这些画面在被镜像处理之后显现出了耐人寻味的面貌。 来自生活的画面和来自想象中头脑里的底噪 ,呈现在一个再现的空间里并可以无限延伸,给人陌生又熟悉的错觉。We caught some mystery visual materials, all come from around, daily life... These materials show different and meaningful feelings after being mirrored and repeated. And together with the videos from daily life, there are also live soundtracks coming from the basic noise in the brain which are developed by computer and pedals...

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