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Travelling Day



single-Channel video / 16:9 / HDv / color/ Dual channel/ 20mins 06secs / 2006




Travel in a raining day with freeze feeling. Walking along the lake with beer and jokes whole day until darkness and won’t stop…

3 Guys



single-Channel video / 16:9 / HDv / color/ Dual channel/ 12mins 44mins  / 2006


​​一个有点孤单无聊的城市角落,世博会后留下来的很多空的建筑残骸,奇怪的建筑区,完全没有人经过. 3个伙伴在那里只好自己玩点游戏来解闷。


It’s a place that left from one expo, many empty designed buildings be left without use anymore. There’s almost nobody there. Capture of 3 guys play game there to have some fun in such a boring part of city instead of capture a normal city view.

There's a Christmas in Yan An


single-Channel video / 16:9 / HDv / color/ Dual channel/ 12mins 19mins / 2006


香港有个好来呜,延安有个圣诞节。 现在的延安已经不是当年的革命老区。人们的生活都很富足。圣诞节这个外国人的节日,在延安显得非常热闹,大家都把这个节日当成中国人的传统节假一样,纷纷上街购物消费,吃饭放烟花,祈祷新年发大财。


As a film named There’s a Hollywood in HK, now there’s a “Christmas in Yan’an.” Now the Yan’an is not like old times, the city become rich and modern. Christmas is not a traditionally holiday in China, but in Yan’an is having a lot of festival atmosphere. People go shopping a lot, meeting friends, send gifts, and put the fireworks to pray a more rich and peaceful new year.

A Nap In The Afternoon



single-Channel video / 16:9 / HDv / color/ No sound / 31mins 35mins  / 2006




A nap in the afternoon, nightmarish dreams of circulating red, familiar streets, kitty, living room, all in a red strange dream together with fields, strangers, the cemetery overgrown alfalfa. Silence, stuffy and no end...


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