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single-Channel video / 16:9 / HDv / color/ Dual channel/ 29mins 26secs / 2009


From the beginning to the end and return to the beginning, handing the identical matter, broke it and start from the beginning, I am enjoying, always enjoying,I thought that my life repeatedly is handing the identical matter, repeatedly without gap. Handing the identical matter. Always enjoying and repeatedly handing the identical matter, without gap, I felt tired, but will never quit...


周而复始不停得做同一件事情,推倒重来我乐此不疲,我乐此不疲, 我想我的一生只是在做同一件事情,周而复始不停得做着,同一件事情,我乐此不疲周而复始不停得做着,同一件事情,我觉得累但是不能休息.



single-Channel video / 16:9 / HD / Dual-channel/ 2mins/ 2009


This video is about two minutes and was was created for FemLink (The International Videos-Artists Collection) and takes the men as the main theme. Men like to see young and beautiful women, but they might also worry about small details....


为FemLink(国际录像-艺术家合集)以男人为题材而创作的2分钟短片. 男人喜欢看年轻漂亮的姑娘, 但又会有所顾虑的小细节.



single-Channel video / 16:9 / HDv / Dual-channel/ 34mins 32secs / 2009


The video is made between 2008-2009, records a few friends of the artist's father bringing an old friend who has Alzheimer's disease to Fengxian for a walk, to a meal, then to a feast and finally to an entertainment bar. Moreover, there are some sequences that show the time after the birth of the son. Time goes by quietly, but life still continues.


记录了一些0809 年里琐碎的生活片段, 比较主要的是拍摄了父亲的几个好友带着现在已患老年痴呆的旧识去奉贤散布吃饭的片段, 朋友晚上聚餐和在酒吧闲耗, 以及儿子出生后的点滴. 生活慢条斯理的延续着, 没有什么令人兴奋的地方, 只是淡淡的不停歇的流淌......

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