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​​2 screens video / 16:9 / HDv / Color/Dual-channel / 10mins 36secs / 2010


As the title of this video, "Dasein" is a term from Heidegger’s philosophy, indicating the concept of existence in this very moment. I try to slide the lens and switch the actual situation in order to find this kind of outside perspective on one’s own existence. The background sound consists of the quack noises of cicadas in summer, which comes and goes together with a continuous shouting out of feeling alive.


如同这个录像的名字, Dasein是海德格尔哲学里的一个词语, 意为此在, 此时此刻存在等等的概念.我试图用镜头的推拉和虚实切换找到这种从时空之外看到自己存在的角度.背景的声轨是夏天呱噪的知了叫声, 此起彼伏, 连续不断得喊叫出活着的感觉.

What are you looking at...

single-channel video / 16:9 / HDv / Color/Dual-channel / 15mins 15secs / 2010

Standing on the bank of lake, looking at birds and feeding birds, seeing the scene, what are you looking at...


站在湖边,看鸟、 喂鸟、看风景的时候,你到底在 看什么......

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