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A Quiet Room


3-screens video / 16:9 / HD / color/ 6-audio digital channels / 18 mins 53 secs / 2012


The scene in eyes is the reflection of ones inner world, I try to grasp a sense of existence in a frozen situation.



About fishing ...


Single-Channel video / 16:9 / HD / color/ Dual channel / 35 mins 54secs / 2012


Several young guys go fishing to the suburb. They are fishing for nearly a whole day, then, it gets a littile boring...



Moon Moon


​​Single-Channel video / 16:9 / HD / color/ No sound / 20 mins / 2012

This is a video about moon moving for 20 minutes, takes with a telescope, just a recording of the moon for 20 minutes.



THEM  伊啦


​​10 shorts in a  video / 16:9 / HD / color/ Dual channel / 54 mins 19secs / 2012


I captured and produced 10 shorts for now 《THEM》about  people's daily living life. This film is going to have more captured  and grow longer and bigger when time passing by and become a stark of living days.


陆续拍摄了10个短片, 关于周围人物的日常片段,《伊啦》这个由很多短片组成的影像将会持续拍摄,会随着时间的累积,不断的变长变大,变成生活的堆积物......




Wang Sir and Young Fan Go Farming (Part I)



​​Single-Channel video / 16:9 / HD / Dual channel / 40 mins  / 2012


WangSir and Fan are original citizens. They do not want to continue eating foods containing pesticides and hormones and decide to farming themselves.








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