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Epiphyllum Chapter 1-4 【昙花四章】

Four videos | 16:9 | HD | No Sound |color|Dual channel |30mins each


Four-part videos together record and present the entire blooming process of Epiphyllum. The Epiphyllum opens slightly and slowly. The flower diameter is getting redder and thicker, and the bud is unfolding with a quiver. The flower seems to force in an animalized way. And the rhythm of life is visible in the blooming process. 


四段式记录昙花开放的录像, 在同一时间里并置呈现了昙花打开的全过程。昙花轻微的抖动着缓缓张开,花径在变红变粗,花苞在抖动中打开,看起来有一种动物性的用力方式,以及开放过程中的能被看得到的生命节奏。

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